Spotify Playlists

Here you can find some beautiful Spotify playlists, carefully curated and updated. If you are looking for Studio Ghibli playlists, beautiful contemporary piano music, fantasy music / new age music, Dune themed playlists, DnD background music, nostalgia, relaxing sleep music or chill lofi beats, you will find it all on Ouranio Recordings curated playlist profile

The first two playlists are a pure treat for any anime / Disney fans! Ghibli Sleep contains beautiful piano versions of beloved Miyazaki classics like Totoro, Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle and Disney Sleep contains beautiful sleepy piano versions of films like Pocahontas, Frozen or Encanto! Just put the playlists on and start dreaming!

Ghibli Sleep – beautiful anime piano

Skyrim ambient for Elder Scrolls fans
Disney lullabies to help you sleep
Cello music for relax / sleep
Enya and other new age for nostalgia
Disney Sleep – beautiful piano versions of beloved Disney classics, perfect for sleep
The new Dune film by Denis Villeneuve is here and this playlist contains the best collection of scifi themed music for the fans of Arrakis and Spice! Including the OST from Hans Zimmer
Lord of the Rings themed fantasy music for Tolkien fans
Dungeons and Dragons fantasy music for TTRPG sessions
Star Wars Visions themed lofi beats

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