Celestial Aeon Project

Where to begin? Celestial Aeon Project came to be in 2004 when the producer composer Matti Paalanen decided that he needed custom fantasy themed music for his pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game campaigns. As a cinematic music / video game music enthusiast that had listened to and loved game soundtracks ever since the 80s when C-64 music and Amiga 500 music had defined the era, it was eventually Baldur’s Gate and its masterful music by Michael Hoenig that really sparked the interested in cinematic music production. Then came Morrowind and Planescape Torment and… As years passed by Celestial Aeon Project became more and more serious project and the production style and quality evolved as well. The past 5 years, Celestial Aeon Project has focused on streaming catalogue and it has found a massive following among the geeks and fans of fantasy music all around the world with over 600,000 monthly listeners just on Spotify and millions of streams in total. You will be hearing from Celestial Aeon Project more in the coming years, we are sure!

The artist doesn’t have their own straight contact email, but you can reach them through our management email Matti Paalanen / ouraniorecordings@gmail.com

Remember that you can find our catalogue on Ouranio Recordings curated playlist profile on Spotify of course!

Celestial Aeon Project – pure fantasy themed cinematic music